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      • Keeping energy levels up, I take care of my nutrition always.

        Couple of things have positively impacted the bonding. My husband is posted in LA for a project and I am managing the family and my job single-handedly. So I end up planning and using my time efficiently. The challenge of single parenting has turned into an opportunity to explore my hidden strengths.

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      • Never ignore the initial symptoms when your baby is unwell!

        But, something was telling Salima that something was about to go wrong when Aayaan developed cold. The doctor insisted that there was nothing to worry but she had a hunch. “And, how I wish I had followed my gut feeling. Since the doctor looked very sure that Aayaan was going to get better soon I ignored my feeling. One night, things became so bad with him that we had to admit him to the hospital immediately. I remember rushing into the hospital lobby in my night clothes,” sighs Salima. He had to be given i v fluids 4 times a day.X
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