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     Comparison of Top 5 Baby Walkers in India

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    Chicoo Baby Step Activity Walker

    • Plays a fun tune
    • The rear wheels also have a tension setting for when it is being used on hard slick surfaces. This prevents the walker from "shooting" forward and causing the child to fall.
    • The rear wheels are arched outward thus providing the baby with the space to walk behind without tripping on the rear wheels
    •  Age: 9 months and up





    Available at,

    • Music is a little monotonous,
    • Front of the walker has balls and shapes a child can slide through the maze and see lights go on and hear music play.
    • It also has a few levers the child can push and pull to make noise.
    • Do check the breaks and do roll it before you buy to check if the breaks are effective
    • Price is comparatively good
    • lockable wheels



    Chicoo penguin activity walker

    • Recommended for children (boys and girls) above the age of 9 months
    • Soft grips for small hands
    • 2 AA batteries required
    • No batteries included with the Chicco Penguin activity walker
    • Generates Lights and Soft Music
    • Easy movement
    • Full of activity games



    Available at

    • All features are almost as same as Chicoo Baby Step Activity Walker
    • Bit overpriced

    Vtech Disney 80-61763 First Step Baby Walker

    • Strong and Sturdy design
    • Textured wheel
    • Easy handle for grip
    • Detachable centre panel
    • Centre panel loaded with activities
    • Battery operated
    • Compact and easy to store



    • Before buying, do test it for the speed. Let your baby walk with it and then make a judgement.
    • Its compact features makes it attractive
    • The music is not monotonous
    • Good price for the features

    K9875 Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

    • Activities include: flipping doors, sliding beads, turning gears, and spinning panels
    • In the center is a ball that spins
    • Encourages Developing Motor Skills
    • Walker folds for portability and storage
    • younger babies can explore classic activities right on the floor, like flipping doors, turning gears, sliding beads and spinning the rollerball. Then, as baby grows, the walker supports and steadies first steps. Folds easily for portability and storage. Age:6-36mos.


    Available at, available on rentals in Pune at


    • Light weight which is good as well as bad.
    • its folds for compact storage
    • Your baby can use it right from 6 months to 15 months.
    • Very competitive price for the features it offers
    • Downside of this walker is that it rolls freely, but on carpet it works fine.
    • Lockable wheels

    Leapfrog Scout and Friends Walker


    • Walking
    • Gross and Fine Motor Skills
    • Music
    • First Words
    • Early Number Senses
    • The Alphabet
    • Shapes and Colors
    • Requires 3 AA batteries.



    Available at










    • Leapfrog is known for making great learning tools for pre-schoolers. And they have tried their best to attain that in this walker.
    • Its definitely at the premium price but they have tried to make it very educational and fun.
    • Lockable wheels


    Vtech Disney 80-61763 First Step Baby Walker


    Chicco Baby Step Activity Walker

    K9875 Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

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