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    Cradles have been the most favored and proven choice for ages in India. The concept of baby sleeping in cradle has been passed over generations to generations. It was also successful because it is believed that baby co-sleeping with a mother is healthy and good for the development for a baby. So cradle was more like day-napping alternative for a baby, as in the nights babies usually sleep with their mommies. Baby co-sleeping is still practiced in India, but it is a very personal choice on how you want to develop a sleeping habit to your baby.

    Baby Cradle gives flexibility

    We would like to highlight some benefits of using a cradle:

    1. Cosy and comfortable- An infant takes time to get used to the surrounding open environment given that he is used to compact closed environment of his mother’s womb. A Cradle being small that too if it’s the rope (zhula format) gives a very cosy and comfortable feeling to the baby. If the baby is swaddled then it is further comfortable, unlike crib which is too big and open. You also cannot put extra bedding as they raise the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)
    2. Space- Cradle takes very small space compared to Crib. If the space is limited, this makes it easier to have the baby sleep in the same room with you. It also makes it easy for breast feeding
    3. Mobility- Cradle is a perfect choice when you have lot of people, family, acquaintances visiting you and your baby. A cradle can be easily moved from one room to another. In India, grand-parents, and close family members have lot of role play with a new born baby. So a cradle makes it as easy for everybody as it can be moved from one room to another unlike a crib which is once fixed in the parent’s room, difficult to move.
    4. Travel- Cradle is again a great choice for travelling babies. A compact and foldable baby cradle with mosquito net is easy to carry in car for a weekend gateway which is very popular in Pune.
    5. Budget Friendly- The cradles are much cheaper than the rest of the options like Cribs and Bassinets. Plus it is a cost effective way of experimenting on what works best with me and my baby.

    There is one factor which needs to be considered, that babies outgrow cradle in 4-5months of age. As it is said, it’s a personal choice on how you develop sleeping habits of your baby, what furniture would you use for transitioning your baby to sleeping post cradle, you should plan that ahead of time.

    Enthusiastic Parents also do DIY projects, we liked this DIY video uploaded on youtube


    Rental is one of the cost-effective options and it works for both :

    1. One for the trial/experimenting to see what works for you and your baby,
    2. For actual baby sleeping option for the first 3-4 months of your baby.

    We provide compact foldable cradles on rentals, you may want to see our catalog. If you are also considering crib as an alternative, you may find our blog on crib useful.

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