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  • Most Popular 5 Baby Cradle Types Available in India

    Cradle is a baby infant bed supported with rocking motion. In India, there are 5 broad choices on cradle, again they have different features and it depends what you are looking for.

    1. Baby Hammock: They are back in fashion. They were traditionally used in India for generations and are supposed to be more soothing and comforting to an infant compared to a crib or cradle. But  there are safety related issues and if you are going for one ,you should read this article from which talks in detail on baby hammocks

    2. Fold-able and Portable Cradle: Great for travel and weekend outdoors. It comes with inbuilt mosquito net and has sideways rocking motion. Very light to carry. Available on rental with Thegbabe in Pune. Also available on amazon and flipkart

    Types of cradle in India

    3. Regular Cradles: Good for daily use. But doesn't give that swaddled swaying movement feeling in mother's womb. Swinging is side-by-side position.

      4. Bassinet Type Cradles: Inbuilt mosquito net, most of them have extra storage underneath. They also have lockable wheels and some more extra features. These are premium range cradles.

        5. Forward Rocking Cradles: Fisher Price has this model. This cradle has one of the rare features which is 3 reclining positions. It also gives a mixed experience of cradle and crib.

        We are sharing an interesting video here on how to make baby hammock all by yourself. You can use it hooking up on the baby crib.

        You may want to read if cradle is the right choice for you. And also 5 reasons to consider baby cradle over a baby crib.

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