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  • Comparison of Budget Infant Car Seats India 2015

    Budget Infant Car Seats are good for daily local commute in India, where you drive at an average speed between 30km/hr and 40km/hr. You don’t need a high design in the car seat for the daily local travel. The budget infant car seats have basic features and good safety standards; most of them are light weight and can be used as carry cots.

    What you should look for in the comparison to choose the right infant car seat for your baby:

    1. Dimensions- You most likely would be using a small car on the city roads; in that case dimensions of the car seat would be very important factor to consider. Do your maths to understand the space this infant car seat will take in your car. And would the rest of the space be enough for your other domestic things or number of travelers in the car. Remember, that you would be installing this car seat in rear facing position. It would naturally take more space in rear facing position. The seat next to the driver would have very little leg space. So dimensions would really matter.
    2. Weight- Most of the budget infant car seats is light weight. You may want to consider the ergonomic design of the handle of the car seat. The lighter the car seat, the more flexibility in use for outdoor.
    3. Installation- Look for how easy is the installation. Check this feature before you buy. Videos for installation of the budget infant car seats are not available. Read the specification guide.
    4. New born Insert- This is not a must have feature, but good to have infant padding in the car seat for new born or premature baby.
    5. 5 point harness- This is must have feature, the baby should be securely fastened in the car seat and that is only possible with 5 point harness.

     Comparison of 3 Budget Infant Car Seat India 2015

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    Brand Name

    Infant Car Seat Beone SP Girafe –Lil Wanderers

    Mee Mee Infant Car Seat

    Infant Car Seat by Evenflo

    Price in India

    Rs. 5990

    Rs. 4799

    Rs. 4799




    6 kg


    72 x 48.4 x 37.4 cm

    70 x 44 x 31 cm

    80 x 48 x 39 cm

    Reclining positions

    Not specified by the manufacturer

    Not specified by the manufacturer

    Not specified by the manufacturer

    Rocking function

    The rocking function should be tested before purchase



    Type of Belt




    Type of Base

    No separate base is needed. The seat can be installed directly

    No separate base is needed. The seat can be installed directly

    No separate base is needed. The seat can be installed directly

    Can fix in a stroller

    Not specified by the Manufacturer

    Manufacturer has not specified this feature

    Not specified by the manufacturer


    Direct with the Seat belt

    Direct with the seat belt

    Direct with Seat Belt


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    Watch this informative video below on how to buckle your new born safely in the car seat uploaded by car seat lady on youtube.

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