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  • Comparison of Budget Convertible Car Seats India 2015

    Budget Convertible Car Seats are a good choice for daily city travel except the Chicco Eletta which can be used for long drives. Most of the Budget Convertible Car Seats have basic features and they do their job well.

    You need to consider one very important factor before making a decision on convertible car seat if your baby is still an infant or just born. If you buy a convertible car seat, you will have to buy a baby carrier or infant carry cot to carry your baby outside the car, because convertible seats can only be used in the car unlike the infant car seats.

    What you should look for in the comparison before you choose a right convertible seat for your baby:

    1. Weight: If you are using a small car, a bulky car seat would be difficult to install.
    2. Dimensions: Convertible seats when installed in rear facing position, would naturally take more space. If it’s a small car, then you need to really check the dimensions before you choose one
    3. Ease of installation: Given that you are buying convertible, it’s going to be used till your child turns 4 years old. You may be switching cars often and a quick easy installation would make a big difference. Also, you will have to change the seat to forward facing in the second stage. It’s important to check how easy is the car seat to install, remove and re-install.
    4. Seat Cover Material: should be easy to remove and put back. Should be easy to clean and should be easy to maintain in cleanliness.
    5. Straps and Harness: Should have 5 point harness and the straps should be easy to buckle up and remove.
    6. Infant, new born baby: Check the features well meant for your infant. The reclining positions are important when the babies are small.

    Below is the comparison of the 3 most popular convertible car seats in India. You may want to check the comparison of premium convertible car seats available in India , click here.

     If you want to see the individual review of all the below three car seats please click here

    Brand Name

    Safety 1st Onside Air Convertible Car Seat, Happenstance

    Evenflo Titan Convertible Car Seat

    Chicco Eletta Car Seat

    Price in India

    Rs. 11,880

    Rs. 11436

    Rs. 13000



    7 kg

    8 kg


    2 x 45.7 x 40.6 cm

    71.1 x 48.8 x 47.2 cmcm

    64 x 53.8 x 46 cm

    Reclining positions

    Not specified by the manufacturer


    Yes 4 reclining positions

    Type of Harness

    5 point harness

    5 point harness

    Upfront harness adjustment allows easy and convenient tightening

    Type of Belt



    The belt adjuster system means that you can strap your child quickly and easily, The wide extra grip straps hold the child securely in place even when you brake suddenly

    Exclusive Feature

    Fits in airline seat, so can be used for international travel

    Seat-guard base protects your vehicle s interior, Head and body pillow for extra comfort

    The reducer system, guarantees that even small babies are held snugly and are well protected and ensures that their backbone lies flat, the ideal position during the first few weeks


    Direct with the Seat belt

    Direct with the seat belt

    Direct with Seat Belt

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