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  • Things To Consider- Before You Buy High Back Booster Seat In India

    What you should know about high back booster seats in India?

    1. Booster seats are supposed to boost the position of your child to boost the child into a position that allows the car seat belt to restrain the child. So they are more of booster than safety seat.
    2. Many manufacturers write age limit starting from 4 years old age, and many don’t mention the age limit at all. Please consider that these seats are to be actually used for children above 5 years old regardless of height and weight limits mentioned by the manufacturer.

    Children younger than 5 years are not physically ready for a booster. The design of booster seat easily allows unlocking the buckle or even moving the shoulder strap behind their back, which can be dangerous in high speed cars especially on highway.

    Children under 5 years age, need to be in a five point harness still. Their skeletons are too fragile for a "three point harness" of an adult seatbelt- a five point harness spreads crash forces over a larger, stronger portions of the body (shoulders, hips, crotch- where there are strong bones) and an adult seatbelt, even when the child is in a booster, crosses their abdomen too much instead of their hips.

     Below is the pictorial representation to check if you are fixing the seat belt right.

     Things to consider in High Back Booster Seat in India:

    1. Seat base-The seat should be wide and deep, E.g. If your child has long legs, the seat should be deep enough to accommodate the thighs. In longer travel, it will be inconvenient if the seat is too hard. The seat should have adequate padding and solid, to ensure a good sitting position of your child.
    2. Five Point Harness - It’s strange, but you would find this feature rarely in booster seat. It's important to note that children may outgrow the seat before the stated height limits. In the harness mode the shoulder straps must be positioned at or above their shoulders. If your child has a long torso they may outgrow the seat before the reach the maximum height.
    3. Adjustment of seat belt: The seat belt should go across the arms as shown in the above figure. The seat belt placement if is not right, can be annoying and not safe too. The straps if not placed well can fall off below the shoulder making it unsafe. The seat belt guides, (by the head and under the arm rests hold the car seat belt in the perfect position across the shoulder and across the lap for paramount safety.
    4. Accessories: It is nice to have pockets to keep small things -just at a convenient reach in the seat, a drink holder or the cup holders should have an open side with elastic, leaving a lot of options for drink size regardless of size to keep the cup secure. Also if the cup is retractable that can be pushed back in the base, it will be a nice to have accessory.
    5. Multiple height options: This is a must have feature for adjusting the seat belt in the right position.
    6. Removable Back: When your child grows older, this is a great feature as you can use the seat to elevate her to the correct height for the seat belt to safely restrain her.
    7. The Head Wings-should be adjustable with seat belt alignment and the growing child. The headrest should adjust up and down to meet your child's needs, and the proper position is when the middle of the "wings" on the headrest is even with the ears on your child's head. The added side impact cushions would be a great addition.
    8. Reclining position- It will be a nice to have feature, if the seat reclines with the reclining of main seat.
    9. Shoulder Straps- Look for padded ones or smooth fabric, if not good quality they can rub on to the body.


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