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  • Infant and Baby Car Seat Covers India- Should you buy?

    Infant & Baby car seat covers are a new addition to the car seat accessories and getting popular in India. Adorably cute and beautiful designs are the charm of these car seat covers. But do you actually need to buy? Accessories can be just meant for style and charm or they can be meant for serious use. This blog gives you an insight on car seat covers and you can make up your mind if you want to buy a car seat cover for your infant baby car seat.

    What are car seat covers?

    Car Seat covers of 3 types are available in the market:

    1. Car Seat Liners- Car Seat Liner is put above your standard car seat body. It comes with a matching canopy cover and strap pads. Car Seat Covers are not considered safe because they can alter the 5 point harness and safety of your baby. Car Seat LinersYou should read the manufacturers manual to check if you can use a car seat cover over the main body. Some car seats are compatible. Price Range of Car Seat Liners is between Rs.7000- Rs.12000. You would get some nice designs on
    2. Car Seat Covers- These covers the body of the car seat and seals it in cocoon to protect the baby from cold and windy weather. These covers are useful in cold weathers mostly, and are a good option for infants and babies. It will be a challenge to keep an older baby in the cover unless they are sleeping. Perfect for age group 0 to 3 months.Price Range is between Rs.1500- Rs.6000
    3. Canopy Covers- These cover the top of the seat and gives extra protection from sun and gives baby a comfortable sleep if you happen to be in public places like restaurant. Price Range is between Rs.2500 and Rs.6000
    4. Infant Baby Car Seat Cover Set- Its mostly a 5 items set and includes a car seat umbrella, car seat slip cover, head support and lap blanket, all coordinating, complimenting colors. Price Range is between Rs. 5000-Rs. 9000

    Are the car seat covers useful?

    1. If you have been using the infant seat for a while and you want to change the look of your infant car seat, or you want to personalize it, you can buy a car seat cover.
    2. If there is wear and tear or tough stains on your existing car seat, then car seat covers is a possible solution.
    3. If you already have the car seat which was used for your first baby and you want to recycle the car seat for the second baby, car seat covers can do it.
    4. Using car seat covers may be unsafe for your baby. Check the fabric material before you choose one.

    What are the alternatives?

    If you are looking for something to just personalize your car seat , you can do it with some nice creativity yourself. Just adding a beautiful satin flower to your infant seat gives a statement.There are different danglers options available to hang on your handle too

    There are many DIY tutorials to make car seat cover, all by yourself. This video shows how to make car seat cover from scratch

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