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  • Things Indian Parents Should Consider Before Making a Baby Shopping List

    Baby Shopping List

    Before you start making a list and a plan, it’s very important to understand why we are making a list or a plan. Yes, it’s obvious; we are making this effort because we want to give maximum comfort to your baby. But,

    The baby just needs you, your love, your presence and your time.

    No, we are not getting philosophical here. That’s the truth.

    So why buy baby gear or baby furniture?

    1. To save your time
    2. For your comfort
    3. For the habits you want to cultivate in your children, right from the age it is possible

    Then how do you make choices on such variety of options?

    You make a choice based on your family lifestyle and your belief- Now what does this mean?

    There are many families in India who follow traditional ways of raising child, because they grew up in the same way and they believe that’s the best way to raise their own babies too. Example- Using Palna/Cradle or using Jhula ( Cloth tied up at two ends of stand and baby sleeps in it). It’s believed that using Jhula is best way to wean off the baby or putting baby to sleep. Because the cloth takes the natural shape needed for the new born baby and the baby feels the comfort of mother’s womb.

    Jhula is highly economical, can be made up of long cotton sarees at home etc. It’s perfect for infants and new borns, as they outgrow the jhula very fast. But then again times change, and then the type of cradles, jhulas available in shops have also changed in years. When jhulas were used, the mothers were not raising babies alone or multitasking, there was always “experienced” support at home. Jhula needs supervision and care when the baby is in it. So keeping your lifestyle today and also following your belief you can make choices based on the variety of sleep gear available in the market which close to how you want to take care of your baby. You may want to read this detailed article on essential baby products needed before your baby arrives.

    There are only 3 questions- you need to ask yourself before you make a purchase decision for any baby product or baby furniture.

    1. Why do I need this product? (sleep/feed/travel) – Think carefully on this one, think through the whole purchase of one product and its maintenance. Example, if you are planning to buy a crib to transition your baby from co-sleeping to Crib, would you have time and patience to wean off your baby and transition him/her to the crib? Would you have time and budget to purchase the accessories of the crib? The accessories also need periodic cleaning, that’s additional work.
    2. How it is going to help me? ( save time, convenience, help me follow my belief) Sometimes when we are walking through the store, we glance at a new product, looking at its features you feel that’s its cool and convenient and you get excited to make a purchase. Example: Infant car seat which can also be used as a rocker looks like a great buy. But you should step back for a while and think, how frequently do you travel? Do you always have support at home, who can carry the baby for you in the car when you are driving? Because you also have a choice of buying a convertible car seat. So which one to buy should be based on your lifestyle.
    3. What is my budget?- You not only have to consider the budget required for the gear but also include all the costs required to take care of the baby on monthly basis. Vaccinations, food, diapers, nanny etc. You may want to read our blog on budgeting baby arrival for a very detailed article including an overview on the first year expenses.

    Watch this video where a mommy shares her experience on preparing for the baby arrival

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