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  • Exercise, will power will take you a long way in Pregnancy

    Pravda, a journalist by profession and a first time mom shares her story with us. Always exploring and finding ways to bring efficiency and health to her family, she has been very creative and disciplined since the time of conception and pregnancy.

    She believes she had a natural delivery due to her regular exercising, climbing up and doing the staircase multiple times in a day, and well, simply being positive about it.

    Pravda visited a physiotherapist when she was 16 weeks due. The doctor gave her a set of exercises which would aid a natural delivery. Since the position of her placenta was normal, the doctor didn’t put any restrictions on the kind of exercises she was allowed to do. “You will find scores of them over the Internet and alternatively you could also visit your doctor to learn them. The key is to keep as active as possible during your pregnancy. Being active will help a normal delivery,” asserts Pravda.

    Another thing she swears by is being positive in her mind and being assertive to the gynecological surgeon about her wish for natural birth. While Pravda was on the operation table, her doctor suddenly said that a C-Section might be required to be done as the baby’s heart rate was increasing. “But, I told my doctor how I was sure I was keen on having a natural delivery. Ultimately, I was open to do whatever it takes as long as the baby was fine, but I think that one assertion to the doctor made her wait and watch and to my luck all went normal,” says Pravda.

    But, just being positive about something doesn’t make it happen. “That’s right,” she points out and adds, “I basically followed a very strict regimen about my diet, exercise and rest. I was watching my weight, watching what I was eating and taking ample rest even though I was working until 3 weeks before my delivery. I made certain basic changes in my food habits. For example, I consumed very less of cola drinks as they make absorption of calcium difficult for the body and tried to have a balanced diet with an occasional binge on comfort food.”

    Being disciplined and self-restricting during pregnancy may seem tough with already so much going on, but it helps and takes you a long way ahead in keeping health to optimum for you and your baby says this GBabe Mom!

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