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  • Making a happy mother goes a long way ahead

    Shaila with daughter Ananya

    Shaila believes that making a happy mother goes a long way ahead and following logic rather than free advice does the trick.

    The minute you drop the ‘P’ word, friends, family and even strangers take to giving you advice. It doesn’t cost anything to listen to them alright, but what is essential is knowing what out of all that, makes sense to you. Agrees Shaila, “Logic should precede blind following of norms. Some relatives asked me to follow things like not venturing out during eclipses etc, during my pregnancy, but that absolutely didn’t make any sense to me and I did not follow all that. I basically did all what felt right.” People who showered her with do’s and dont’s during her pregnancy, were no doubt all well-meaning. But, at the end of the day one must decide what suits oneself. Shaila is not someone who will follow traditions blindly but neither does she scoff at traditional practices. A healthy mix of both is what she swears by.  Shaila believes that this attitude of hers has moulded her three-year-old daughter Aanaya  to what she is today – independent. Says Shaila, “My daughter does most of her stuff on her own which is unlike of three year old kids. She brushes her teeth, puts toys back in place after she’s done with playing, does not seek for help and does not accept it even if it’s extended. She likes to do things by herself. I believe you need to groom your children to be smart and independent individuals else the world will take advantage of them.” The mantra Shaila followed during her pregnancy and still sticks to is – do the best of what you can because everything revolves around your baby. She asks something very simple off other Gbabe Moms, she says, “Ensure you are making a happy mother, both during and after pregnancy because there is a bond between you and your baby. The baby is a part of you.  Babies respond and  react to your behavior and moods. When I am happy I see my daughter being cheerful and on the days when I am depressed Aanaya seems quite.” Thats is so true and our little angels deserve every bit of a chatty, jovial and lively atmosphere, right Moms?

    Shaila lives with her family in Pune

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