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  • Nutrition needs of the kids, engaged in sports are special.

    Who: Aradhana Sharma
    What: Gbabe Next Door Mom
    Why: She focuses on getting it right when it comes to her son Arnav’s health
    Her mantra: Believes her son must learn to respect others irrespective of anything

    Nutrition needs of the kids, especially who are engaged in sports are special

    We want the best for our children. But, bringing the best for them isn’t as simple as saying we want the best. We understand what kind of sacrifices and ordeals parents may go through for being able to do that. Our Gbabe Next Door Mom, Aradhana Sharma, who is a Sports Nutritionist at the Army Sports Institute of Pune, is here to share some know-how which will put away Moms’ worries.

    Says she, “Nutrition needs of the kids, especially who are engaged in sports are special. But, some simple things to remember are proper hydration, enough carbohydrates in diet (to serve as a fuel for sports), and proteins to build and maintain muscles and pre-training meals, and proper meals for recovery after training. Balanced and healthy diet is very important for kids engaged in sports. Including a variety of food in their meals will provide most of the essential nutrients. Calcium and Iron are the two very important nutrients for growing athletes.”

    Aradhana moved back her base from Illinois, USA to Pune after almost a decade of life there as she realised she would like her son to have Indian surroundings in his growing up years, and it definitely wasn’t a piece of cake. Apart from integrating him in an Indian backdrop, she also paid special attention to what she gives him to eat. As, after all, a healthy life is a way to happy life. And, which parent wouldn’t like their kids to eat right? But, it is difficult. Aradhana comes up with a smart solution of not giving much choice to kids. “For my son I make sure that he eats a balanced meal and how I do it is I don’t provide many choices on the table, so he has learnt to eat what is being cooked for the whole family. I make sure that he eats fruits and vegetables everyday. I do allow him to eat a little of junk food sometimes but before that I make sure that he finishes his main meal that will provide him basic nutrition,” says she.

    Not serving junk food and making it clear to children that they must eat whatever is being cooked and served is a good idea but what about all the exposure that kids get these days through television? Every other product is advertised to be loaded with extra nutrients and vitamins. Is that really the case? “I am not a big fan of eating the foods being advertised on TV. These foods are not bad but may not be as good as being advertised. For example, most of the health drinks contain vitamins and minerals but they are also very high in sugars and calories. The best way to do it is to read the labels carefully before buying any food product,” advises Aradhana.

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