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  • Breast Feeding is very essential

    Read the inspiring story of strong willed young mother

    Who: Manasi Dixit
    What: The Gbabe Next-door-Mom
    Why: She did not give her work a break during her both her pregnancies
    Manasi’s mantra: Breast-feeding is very essential

    Manasi Dixit, who works as a manager, enterprise sales with a reputed company, is a proud mother of two children Kunsh (6 years) and Tvisha (2 years). Pregnancy’s most difficult 3 phases according to her is the first 9 months, the actual delivery and post- delivery.
    “The first challenge I faced when I had my first baby was that the amniotic fluid was too low and I had to go in for a C-section when I was only 32 weeks pregnant. The first delivery was very difficult, because I didn’t know many things about this new situation. But I didn’t give up. The same thing happened at the time of second delivery too but I was prepared and confident,” recalls Manasi.

    Both her babies were born prematurely but today are fit and healthy. What she has to say to all expecting moms is that they must exclusively and religiously breastfeed their babies for the first 6 months. We understand, it is not easy because it means waking-up in the middle of nights with strained backs. But, the results are worth it—both her children have strong teeth and till today says Manasi, “I have not been to any periodontist. My babies never over-eat, they are lean and healthy. If your baby is premature, it is okay– understand that their growth is equal to a normal baby’s–and breastfeeding is the only ways to keep babies healthy for the first few months of their birth,” advises this young executive.

    And, what if some mothers have a challenge in terms of having less milk?  Manasi has a solution to that too. Adds she, “There is no situation like-no milk–it’s all in the mind, if one has  a strong will power, she will be able to feed her baby. One sincere request to all mothers is that don’t compare your babies with other babies, a healthy child is healthy. Simple. And, it doesn’t have to be chubby. Just be confident about your way of raising your child.

    Manasi lives with her family in Pune.

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