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  • Never ignore the initial symptoms when your baby is unwell!

    Salima with her son Aayan

    Salima does the juggling act on a tight rope: Between being a hair-dresser and a doting mother
    Her Mantra: Never ignore symptoms, even if its cold and cough, if you are feeling something is wrong, make sure you get to the bottom of it

    Salima Khan, a mother of a 2.5 year old son–Aayaan and a hair stylist by profession lives with her husband and in-laws  in Pune. Motherhood is exciting–the juggling act is hard, but, “Hey its a part of life,” she says.

    Professional duties, domestic jobs, social engagements, bank, tax and paperwork and so many other things are at her hand on any given day. But, the thing that is her priority is the apple of her eye. Aayaan had taken ill around a year ago with a bad bout of pneumonia which started with a common cold and cough. The doctor couldn’t diagnose it in time and Aayaan had to be hospitalised for close to a week. It was a very stressfull time for little Aayaan’s parents.

    But, something was telling Salima that something was about to go wrong when Aayaan developed cold. The doctor insisted that there was nothing to worry but she had a hunch. “And, how I wish I had followed my gut feeling. Since the doctor looked very sure that Aayaan was going to get better soon I ignored my feeling. One night, things became so bad with him that we had to admit him to the hospital immediately. I remember rushing into the hospital lobby in my night clothes,” sighs Salima. He had to be given i v fluids 4 times a day.

    Even after a year later, Aayaan’s immunity system hasnt come back to normal. Hence, a lot of care has to be taken lest he falls ill again. In the last one year, Salima feels, she hasnt been able to look after herself. Hence, now she makes it a point to take out time for a work-out at the gym.

    So, what would be the take-away that she would like to share with us, mothers and parents?

    “It is a four pointer that parents must remember. Never ignore the initial symptoms, work only if you absolutely must because your child needs you the most, always seek two different medical opinions and if fever doesnt subside in three days, understand something is not normal,” says Salima.

    Instead of paranoia striking when your little one keeps unwell, its better if we follow these four simple steps Salima is suggesting, don’t you think?

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