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  • Sleepless nights but parenting is a beautiful experience in life

    On a Sunday afternoon, laying back in my chair I drifted into the memories of my 14 month old journey into parenthood. Lost in my memories I realised all these months had been special rather very special. They had presented before me a kaleidoscope of emotions never felt before. I had grown over these months, I really had. I could see myself doing endless efforts to match the perfection with which my wife Pravda took care of our daughter Neeva.

    Welcome to sleepless nights is what my fellow colleagues told me when my daughter was born. Soon I realised that yes it was true, waking up during odd hours and not getting proper sleep became an everyday affair. Initially I got irritated by it and would often calculate how much I was compromising on my sleep. It does bother you but after a time it sets into our system and it no longer appears as a challenge. Now I realise that even a slight movement made by Neeva wakes me up from my deepest sleep, the fear that she can fall off the bed makes me get up within seconds.

    I always felt Pravda had amazing sixth sense in predicting when Neeva was hungry, when she wanted to sleep. She could very easily understand what her crying meant; the emotion that was same but had a different meaning each time. I used to often wonder how, why not me????? Why don’t I have such predictive skills, I also love Neeva. I realised that these clairvoyant skills are God’s gift to mothers.

    The bond I share with my daughter has a distinct flavour; I am the fun element of her life. She screams in laughter when I whirl her up in the air, looking at me with her naughty eyes she signals me to do it again and again. Her smile is a stress buster; it relieves me of all my tensions and worries.

    I remember the day when she called out for me, she dint address me with common names like papa, baba, dad, like she knew that I dint want it though I wouldn’t have objected. She called me DA, I am her DA. These two alphabets from her mouth are like a magical melody for me and I often find myself responding almost immediately on hearing them.

    Parenting is undeniably the most beautiful part of life; it seems to have made my life so colourful. She is always in my thoughts, my mind, every little thing I see I want to buy for her, every child I see brings her picture into my mind..........The respect and love that I have for my parents have become even more stronger much stronger after I have become a father, the proud father of my fourteen month old daughter. I love you a lot my little princess.

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