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  • 5 Must-Have Baby Gear If You Are A Social Mom of an infant

    So how can baby gear help you in your outings? Whats your style? What gear should be in your list? Taking your baby out was never so easy and fun with the variety of gear available for choice. There are 5 baby gear you must have and we have put them in order. You can choose and use them based on the type of your outings.

     Infant Car Seat

    Taking a break from the daily schedule is so relieving, especially it is a pure fun and relaxing moment when you step out of home and go for a drive or when you drive down to meet your friends. The most relieving part is when the baby is independently lying down or sleeping in its own cozy seat. Make this dream come alive with an infant car seat in your car.

    Mosses basket

    Mosses baskets are back in fashion. Baby sleeps comfortably in the basket while you carry or walk with it. It is specially useful if you have a weak back or shoulders and you cannot sport a baby carrier.

    baby in moses basket


    Engage your baby in your outing by placing a playmat/playgym. Its easy to carry and easy to place/assemble. A well fed baby always wants to play and this would be the best way of entertainment and exploration for him.


    Baby Carrier

    When you have a plan for shopping with your friends or may be you just decide to go for a nature trail, baby carriers are a boon. The baby is most comfortable being close to you, close to your body and will quietly being sleeping with the comfort. You may want to read about how baby carriers are essential in the first 3 months of your baby. See below the demonstration on how the latest Ergo baby carrier can be used.

    Baby Bouncer Rocker

    A Baby Bouncer or Rocker is very useful in the feed time. Especially when you are sitting with friends or a group, this becomes so easy. It is easy to fold and carry and very easy to open and place for use. See the demonstration on how it can be used.

    All these baby gear are available on rental with thegbabe in Pune. Enjoy the comfort and new products with minimum spends and maximum savings.


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