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  • Keeping energy levels up, I take care of my nutrition always.

    They say , once you become a mother, it ends your career. Richa has something different to say, “Motherhood is an exciting journey, it shouldn’t end your career, it makes you far more efficient, far more tolerant, just fix your priorities, build a support systems and enjoy it!”

    Dr Richa Vyas, Senior Practice Consultant with Tata Management Training Center, is mother of 2 little girls-  Simone(7 years) and (1 and half years- Aarna).

    Bond I share with my daughters is the best thing happened to me

    Today, I feel proud as a mother because I am able to raise my daughters in the best of my capacity along with other responsibilities. The bond I share with my daughters is the best thing happened to me, says Richa. Couple of things have positively impacted the bonding. My husband is posted in LA for a project and I am managing the family and my job single-handedly. So I end up planning and using my time efficiently. The challenge of single parenting has turned into an opportunity to explore my hidden strengths.

    I am delighted that I am motivated than ever before, I am able to multi task more and I can handle stress better. It is amazing what motherhood does to you, says Richa.

    One challenge I faced with my younger daughter Arna is that she is very active. She would hardly sleep. She manages to take a nap in the day time and is awake playing most of the the night. I have no room to take a nap in the daytime as I am at work.

    So I planned her schedule in a way that she physically gets to spend her energy in the day as much as her capacity allows her and I massaged her in the night before sleeping. This has really helped.

    Overcoming challenges

    A mother with very young kids, working full time and managing home is always on radar of others. Family support and a good team work with your partner makes things easier. But I, as a mother always felt guilty of never having sufficient time with my daughters, says Richa. I decided to overcome this feeling because it hurts productivity. Also, you are unable to think creatively to use this feeling as an opportunity. I ensure that I express my love. Small gestures like hugging them, listening to them, and preparing special meals for them gives me loads of happiness. I feel that we enjoy our times together more than if I was only at home with them.

    Also when you are a high performer, you tend to set expectations high in all spheres of life, this can be exhausting. Coming to terms with what’s most important and what can wait can save mothers from burning out.

    Keeping your energy levels up, managing on both the fronts can take a toll, I take care of my nutrition always. A balanced nutrition fed body can manage stress better, laughs Richa!

    My style of parenting

    I believe in independence and space in relationships. Even with my daughters. I give a blend of freedom and discipline to my daughters. There are things which are non-negotiable and there are things that I can let go. For example, lying, not taking care of hygiene is something I won’t allow, however spending more play time, not studying when not in the right mood are things I allow.


    The one habit I cultivate between me and my daughters

    Is not wasting food. I thrive to give them awareness on our Social Environment. We all know how people in certain parts of the world are deprived of food. Encourage sharing is one of most important things I do.

    Spending quality time, making ‘time together’ and family values is something I always work on. And I want that to be as one thing all of us in our family should work towards.

    I believe, when value system is in place, everything is easy to manage. And that's’ where my role is critical!


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    • Aradhana says...

      Two thumbs up!! Proud of you :)

      On August 07, 2015

    • Garima nandwana says...

      Nice thoughts Richa… single parenting tht too as working mom is really difficult… but u r managing in a grt way

      On August 07, 2015

    • Forum Ajmera says...

      Wonderfully written Richa… not just a super mom but a striking example that nothing stops you if you have the drive to have it for yourself

      On August 07, 2015

    • Sukanya says...

      Great thoughts !

      On August 07, 2015

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