"Walkers" are much talked about gear and the controversy around whether to use them or not is always a subject of conversation between young mothers. Well, we believe that walkers which assist and encourage the baby when it starts taking its first step, are the best choice. Mostly those are called "Push and Pull Walkers". Because these dont take speed which goes beyond control like the "standard walker" and may avoid accidents. In our Walker Rentals, we only keep Push and Pull Walkers.You may want read about safety on walkers here.

Push and Pull Walker

The Gbabe Walker Rental catalog are hand-picked from the retail based on the feedback from our customers and our research on walkers. We buy our inventory directly from retail as a first hand purchase.

Our Service Goal is to give the best experience to the parent and a comfort to the baby. Our inventory and product purchase team are young mothers who use baby gear for their children. We believe your baby is no different from our babies and we exactly know where the problems could be.

If you have decided on a specific gear or baby product in our catalog for rental but it is showing "rented out" please contact us via email or whatsapp @ +917276000626 , we will organize a similar  product or a product which is a close match to the features of your choice product.