Savings with thegbabe rentals
We are always trying to figure out maximum saving options in our service to our customers. And that's how we believe we add value to our service. With the same goal of optimizing savings we have come up with combinations of our main product line to maximize on savings. Strollers and Car seats / Baby Carrier with Car seat / Foldable Crib with Car seat/ Baby High Chair with Baby Walker or may be Baby Stroller with Walker.  We will keep coming up with more saving combinations and we will keep adding them to our catalog, watch the space out here.
We just have two goals here:
1. Offer you best of combinations.
2. Offer you minimum 50-70% savings on combination rentals.
We welcome suggestions from you, because you know what combination works out best for you.  We would be happy to offer you customized combinations based on what you need. Feel free to call us or chat with us on Whatsapp at 7276000626. We promise we will be very quick with our service.
Here is a video from offering tips on how to save on baby product purchases.