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  • Our mommy team came up with this super saving offer of Fisher Price High Chair and Fisher Price Walker keeping the baby development in mind. 

    • once the baby turns 5 months old, we start introducing solid foods, also celebrated as "Anna Prashan" in India.
    • the motor skills are developing and baby’s grasp is getting stronger. He’s getting ready for crawling and scooting, and all the time the baby looks for avenues to exercise the new skills.

    How does this combination offer help?

    • Along with introducing solid foods, mommies are keen to develop good discipline around eating and family time. A baby high chair really helps when you have that on your mind. The Fisher Price High chair in this combination, comes with multiple features. Read about the Fisher Price high chair on rental
    • The Fisher Price Activity Walker folds flat and provides hands-on activities for 5 months old baby and really compliments to exercise and gain motor skills. It inspires a sense of curiosity and discovery. Once transitioned into a walker, The Fisher Price Activity Walker steadies and supports baby's first steps. Read about Fisher Price Activity Walker on rental

    Why should I go for this combination offer?

    • Fisher Price Walker MRP is Rs.2499. You wont use it for more than 6 months as the baby will outgrow the walker when he turns 1. This is not a wheeled walker which is best for your baby as it encourages muscle and motor skills development.
    • Fisher Price High Chair MRP is Rs.15000. We have special rates for High Chair Rental extension to ensure that you get your savings to the maximum
    • This package saves you more than 60% on the market rate.
    • You save time and efforts along with money as this package is delivered and picked up, we do the installation before delivery and you also save hassle on discarding it.
  • Rs. 5,500.00 Rs. 11,000.00

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