About Us

What is ‘The Gbabe’ Concept? 

G stands for environment friendly, lower carbon foot print, better next-days–basically ‘G’reener tomorrows. If you are a mother who is certain to want to give her baby greener tomorrows then you are a Babe! You are the Gbabe.

Environment is fine, but how is it helping me personally?

It is helping you save anywhere between Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000 a year! You are the best judge of how wisely you can put the same amount to use for your baby’s future!

A new infant car seat will be worth Rs 5000 to Rs 9000. IF you have a requirement for an infant car seat, see our catalog rates and compare the savings.  We only focus on bringing in more and more savings to our customers.

 Also, think about how much space you will save at home by returning things back after use.

  • The Gbabe is the best choice on second hand; you will always get what you book in the best of conditions.
  • No more hunting for second hand deal, no risk of using damaged products, no risk on unseen problems- so you never feel cheated and you get everything at your doorstep, assembled!
  • Getting value for money was never so easy on baby gear

Sounds interesting, how does it work?

Call us or email us and book your gear. After the tenure of the package, renew it and continue to use the same or go for another one. You could also customize packages for your special needs. Once, you return the items, they are cleaned, replenished and sanitized under stringent conditions; ready to be subscribed to by the next Gbabe again.

By, being a part of this routine, you do not buy every item needed for your baby and hence you don’t become accountable for the carbon created as a by-product for every product ever manufactured! That is in-turn convert a carbon-footprint created in the process of manufacturing every baby-gear into a greener foot-print.

Why should I Subscribe to TheGbabe Rentals?

      1. Free one time installation of car seat and baby cots.
      2. You get assembled gear at your door stop. Just start using it and leave the rest to us.
      3. No minimum order!
      4. No Security Deposit

         How do I trust that TheGbabe packages are safe for my child?

        We are very transparent in everything we do for you. Please check our Gbabe Refurbishing Procedure. Our team personally attends each and every product after it comes back from rental and before it goes again to a new customer.