Frequently Asked Questions F.A.Q-The Gbabe Baby Gear Rentals

1. How do I trust that Gbabe packages are safe for my child?

We are transparent in everything we do for you. Please check our Gbabe Refurbishing Procedure. Our team personally attends each and every product after it comes back from rental and before it goes again to a new customer.All our Packages are sterilized and sanitized after every use. We follow stringent procedure to ensure that the products are clean and hygienic, because we care for your baby, as we do for ours

2. I have most of the things gifted by my family and my friends. I just need one item, would you deliver?

Yes! We do. We are passionate about our customers and we want to go beyond our abilities to give you best of experiences shopping with us. Call us, if the item is outside of our catalog, we will try our best to get the item to you.

3. I have a stroller which my baby never used. Will you buy it from me?

We have created a mailer list meant for resale of baby gear from our customers. Please drop in details of your item and we will post it on mailer. If we get an inquiry for the item we will forward the customer to you.

4. What cities this service is available?

The service is right only available in Pune.