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How it works

Select The Gear-Whether you are looking for a single item or you want to design your package, search our catalogue for the available gear or product. You can also refer to our blogs and baby product reviews , videos with the product description to understand if the gear fits your requirement

Book It-You can call on 7276000626 or text or WhatsApp the gear you want to hire.Our team will guide you to select the best possible gear for your need. You can also book your gear at Once you confirm your order, we schedule the delivery with you and we deliver the gear to you.

Receive it at your doorstep Share your experience today and make it easier for our future guests. Write a review on TheGbabe rentals. You can write your experience on our Facebook page or tweet it on the Gbabe twitter page. Tell us how we can improve on our services.

Things to know when you place an order:

1. We need a copy of your passport before we email you the invoice. We have simplified the ways to make it easy for you. Please talk to us

2. We will email you the Terms and Conditions sheet, once you reply that you have read the conditions and you accept them, we will schedule the delivery

Etiquette to follow

Communicate change in schedule

After you book the gear or for the pick up, if there is change in your availability, please inform the service team to reschedule

Keep yourself informed

Before you book, take time to read through the terms and conditions sheet.

Appreciate the service

The gear you are renting is going to be used by other babies, just like yours, treat it like you would your own. Keep the gear neat and be thoughtful.

Share your experience to the rest of the readers and visitors to thegbabe website

Equipment Care
  1. Once you subscribe to a package, you have good 1 day to un-subscribe in case you change your mind.
  2. It will be in good interest if you return the contents of the package in the same good condition as you receive it
  3. Sharing is good but not when it comes to items rented from us. Passing of The Gbabe items is not encouraged
  4. We understand you would not appreciate stained and bad-conditioned items for your baby. Same is with us; we would love it if you could renovate the items you have on rent before returning, if they happen to go bad while with you.
  5. Every transaction is independent; no settlements will be encouraged regarding rental fee and product damage fines.