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  • It’s steady fun for your little one, with the Fisher-Price Activity Walker! Folded flat, younger babies can explore classic activities right on the floor, like flipping doors, turning gears, sliding beads and spinning the rollerball. Then, as baby grows, the walker supports and steadies first steps. Folds easily for portability and storage. Age:6-36 months.

    What does it do?

    The Fisher-Price Activity Walker is fun, no matter how you use it! As a toy to explore on the floor, baby has a world of hands-on activities to discover - a spinning ball, flipping doors, sliding spinner beads, turning gears and so much more! Stand it up and it transforms into an infant walker that steadies baby's first steps. The Fisher-Price Activity Walker folds-up for easy storage and portability, so the fun can go wherever baby goes!

    How does it help my child develop?

    Developmental fun! The Fisher-Price Activity Walker folds flat and provides hands-on activities for younger babies that help improve fine motor skills and inspire a sense of curiosity and discovery. Once transitioned into a walker - the Fisher-Price Activity Walker steadies and supports baby’s first steps. Serving as a support, this fun Activity Walker increases walking confidence and helps baby develop balance and coordination skills as he/she pushes the sturdy walker along. The Fisher-Price Activity Walker packs fun and development into each step!

    Isn’t it amazing?

    Watching their faces light up as they explore, discover, play… all those moments when children learn best. That’s why Fisher-Price builds learning into everything we make. With playful ways to engage curious minds, exercise little bodies, and nurture budding personalities. Because nothing’s more amazing than sharing the joy of learning with your child.



    ·         Product Measures: 16-inch long, 14-inch wide, and 17-inch tall in walker mode

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Fisher Price Walker-TheGbabe Rentals Pune

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