• Foldable and Portable Baby Cradle-Thegbabe Rentals Pune

  • Key Features of Fold-able and Portable Cradle-Mother Touch

    •     Includes Washable Mattress & Bolster
    •     Rocking Lock for Steady Position
    •     Help Babies to Sleep Well
    •     Cradle Covered with Mosquito Net
    •     Folds Easily for Storage
    •     Easy to Take Along

        Width  23.5 inch
        Height  30.51 inch
        Depth  34.02 inch

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    Why did we choose Mother Touch Cradle for our rental inventory:

    1. It is amazingly simple to install and fold the Mother Touch Cradle
    2. It can easily be carried even in small car
    3. If you are stepping out of home for some days, this is the best cradle you can carry along for your new born baby.
    4. Mother Touch Cradle occupies minimum space at home or even outdoors.
    5. Perfect for those times when you can't leave the baby home and you are going for a social gathering like marriage ceremonies or birthdays.

    Why you should go for rental with TheGbabe for the Mother Touch Cradle?

    1. You don't have to go anywhere to get this cradle, we deliver and pick up at convenient time for you
    2. For specific reasons like attending ceremonies or travel, the Mother Touch Cradle is the best option because you really save. We even have daily rentals for this cradle and parents are loving it.
    3. You save your time looking for options, getting hassled and confused with another added work of finding out how to manage your baby in travel. You call us and you are sorted.

    Watch this video by howcast, The parenting expert and coach sharing tips on how to put your baby to sleep

    Ways to getting a baby to sleep has been different in each home in India. Every way of putting the baby to sleep has strong reasoning on the method. And every mom passes it to her daughter when she becomes a mother. Traditionally cradle is highly used in India and with the changing lifestyles, it is changing its shape, size, look and feel. With so many choices on cradles, you can try the baby cradle or crib on rental with us and see what suits you best if you decide to buy.


  • Rs. 550.00

Foldable and Portable Baby Cradle-Thegbabe Rentals Pune

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