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  • There is a lot talked about Baby Wearing verses Car Seat carrying. We came up with this combination to offer you both experiences. With experience you can clearly decide what suits you best. And nothing like it when this decision can be taken after rental. A choice should be always personal based on what suits you rather than what others tell you. You may develop a back pain if your lower back is weak and baby carrying may not be the right choice for you. Infant car seat may not be the right choice if your baby is only comfortable staying close to his mother. The baby may have a day care schedule and in that case infant car seat is very useful. If the baby stays at home with the mother, baby wearing may be very suitable. So make your choice after a trial!

    Features of Infant Car Seat and Infant Carrier package:

    • Best for Trial: You are sure of choosing either of car seat or baby carrier. But you want to try it to see if your choice suits you. You can take a trial for a week or a month.
    • Great combination to use for the first 3 months of the infant/baby: The baby gets both sides of the comfort. It can develop the habit of staying comfortably away from the mommy and also enjoys the close body contact of mommy. This specially works great in the first 3 months of the baby as the baby visits the pediatrician very often. Also works out great for parents who socialize often. Going to a restaurant just becomes so easy as the baby can comfortably be carried in the car, if the baby is asleep you can just pick up the car seat and use it as a carrier and comfortably keep it next to you.
    • Super Savings:  With the trial you surely save on extra purchase of item which eventually would never be used. If you like using our infant car seat and infant carrier combination, you can extend the rental. You would save 55% to 65% on the MRP of both the items.
    • Quality: We only buy the best quality and trusted brand items. We carry Mothercare brand for infant car seats and Nahson Baby Carrier.

    This Package includes:

    Mothercare Infant Car Seat and Nahson Baby Carrier.

    PS: The belief in Indian Parents which is passed on from many generations in most of the families that if you keep holding your baby close to you, it will become a habit and difficult to break later. So try to keep them in the cradle or crib most of the time is a very relative belief. If you keep your baby close to you all the 9 -10months of its age, the baby will have a tendency to cling to you. But the first 3 months baby needs a close body contact to feel secure and safe. We found the Wikipedia article on baby wearing very informative.

    You may want to watch this video on safety while using baby carriers.


  • Rs. 1,345.00 Rs. 10,000.00

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