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  • Mother Care Infant Car seat and a wooden baby crib which includes a fitted mosquito net and a mattress. We made this combination offer for just born babies.

    How does this combination help?

    1. You can use the Infant Car seat as a carry cot right from the hospital to home. We also understand that a mommy will be doing the pediatrician visits very very often. At such times, it often happens that you are going alone. A car seat which can be also conveniently used as a carry cot would be very useful. Small things like paying at the counter, changing nappy, feeding, rocking the baby, taking phone calls becomes so easy. Also, you will have well rested arms when your baby needs them most.
    2. Developing a sleep pattern with your baby- When the baby comes home, you are already overloaded with  information on co-sleeping with the baby, keeping the baby in an independent crib, cradle and many more such options. Ultimately, you have to try and see what works best with you and your baby. Buying a crib is an investment and if you don't get to use it, it goes waste.This combination is best as a trial for you and your baby. After the first 3 months of your baby, you get more clarity and hence it is easy to make a decision.

    Why should I go for this combination?

    1. An infant car seat is useful mostly till the baby is 4 months old. The baby outgrows and needs right size fit car seat. This rental combination saves you 70% on MRP of car seat and 70% on MRP of Crib
    2. A crib is an investment, this combination gives you a good trial period of 4 months to decide if you want to buy a crib.
    3. This is the time frame when your baby needs most of you. And you both as parents need to be supporting each other more than ever before. Going out for purchases with a baby is as tough as it can be. We save you the hassle of visits to the store, buying a right size mattress, buying a right fitted mattress and of course a right good featured product comfortable for your baby.

    Read more about our Mother Care Infant Car Seat and the Wooden Fold able Crib. Call us for any help you need or if you have questions. We will be happy to help you.

    P.S: We service only Pune region

  • Rs. 6,000.00 Rs. 20,000.00

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